Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do I need to take to get my real estate license?

-Getting your real estate license requires taking a 90 hour pre-license course. Currently, Idaho does not allow for this course to be taken online but we have many available classes in our facility.

If I am licensed in another state, do I have to take a pre-license course?

-If you are currently licensed in another state and wish to be licensed in Idaho, you do not have to take a pre-license course before taking the state and national exam.

Are any pre-license courses automatically waived for other professions?

-Yes; Valuation and Analysis will be waived for currently license appraisers. Real Estate Finance will be waived for applicants with an accounting degree and working in an accounting-related profession, actively practicing attorneys may have Real Estate Law waived for a broker's license along with module 1 for sales pre-licensing.

What classes do I need to renew my license?

-To renew your license for the first time, you are required to take 12 hours of classes (8 hour post fundamentals and a 4 hour elective of your choice) along with 8 hours of CORE classes. Afterwards, you can take and 12 hours of electives and 8 hours of CORE classes.

What information should I study prior to taking the state and national exam?

-Before taking your state and national real estate exam, we recommend studying the Idaho Real Estate Handbook, Idaho License Law and Rules, either Modern Real Estate Principles OR Mastering Real Estate Principles, as well as Mike Gamblin's "A Guide to Passing the Idaho Real Estate Exams" All of these books are available for purchase in our book store either online or at the school.