How to Get or Renew Your License


Our pre-license classes are not only taught by amazing instructors; they’re taught by people who have been in the Real Estate business for years. People come to our school from all over Idaho and surrounding states because they know that we have what they need to get the best start in Real Estate. We offer both day and night classes which can be taken through Zoom or live in-person; providing a variety of options to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

The pre-license salesperson course is written by the Idaho Real Estate Commission and consists of two 45-hour modules. Module 1 is focused on building a solid foundation of real estate principles. Fundamental concepts and real estate terminology will be the center of study for this module. Module 2 is focused on the more practical aspects of real estate. It provides a study in the knowledge and applied skills involved in the valuation of real estate; along with listing, selling, buying, and closing real estate transactions. The intent of these modules is to prepare students with the necessary skills to perform the duties buyers and sellers expect from an agent in the business.

Completion of Modules 1 and 2 is required to satisfy the Idaho Real Estate Commission’s educational requirements for a salesperson’s license. Although most students take the modules sequentially, you are permitted to take Module 2 first if it better fits your schedule.

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In the business of Real Estate, practices and laws change frequently. Agents are required to continue their education and renew their licenses to stay up to date; and Idaho Real Estate School has all you need to stay on top of your continued education requirements. In addition to our knowledgeable instructors, in a live classroom, students are surrounded by agents and brokers who are always willing to help; and we are constantly updating our classes to make sure they always reflect the most current information.

Whether you have been in the game for years or you’re on your first renewal, we have all of the classes you need to satisfy your requirements with the commission. Unsure what classes you still need to renew your license? Visit the Idaho Real Estate Commission website to login and view your records.


With Idaho Real Estate School by your side, you get more than a broker education; you get a strong real estate foundation to succeed in your career. You will meet your pre-licensing requirements and pass the state broker license exam with high-quality courses, industry-leading study materials, and knowledgeable staff.

We know that getting your broker’s license can be a bit confusing so we are here to help! To learn more about the steps taken to become a Designated Broker or Associate Broker, click here!