CE – Working With Home Inspectors – E1257

CE - Working With Home Inspectors - E1257


Presented by: Stan Audette of AAD Inspection Corp.
This 2-hour class helps agents work more effectively with a broad spectrum of home
inspectors to elevate client experiences while hopefully promoting an ever improving
public image of the local real estate industry.
Agents will learn…
 about the history of the home inspection industry
 how Idaho’s Disclosure Law affects the home inspection industry
 where to obtain a list of industry standards for home inspectors
 what home inspectors are required to inspect and report
 to deal with the different types, formats, and styles of home inspection
 how to educate their clients regarding the most ethical and fair ways to
use home inspection information in their negotiations
 how to prepare more effective inspection addendums (RE-10’s)
 how to set profitable and realistic expectations for buyers and sellers
regarding the home inspection process
 whether or when to attend home inspections
 about the significance of E&O Insurance, General Liability, and Fidelity
Bonding as it applies to home inspectors
 considerations surrounding the natural differences between buyer
perspectives and Realtor® perspectives
 to manage the inherent risks associated with recommending home
 to better understand the policies for the new Affiliate Lock Box system now
available to home inspectors
Agents will hopefully walk away with new perspectives and skills that will enable
them to work more comfortably, efficiently, and profitably with home inspectors to
serve their clients at an even higher level.