CE – The ABC’s of CMA’s – E1293

CE - The ABC's of CMA's - E1293


(4 hours elective credit) Ever struggle determining market value for a new listing? Want to give buyers a proper estimate of value as they formulate their offers? Want to avoid having an appraisal come in low and threaten a transaction? This course examines the step by step method licensed appraisers take in using the sales comparison approach to value in residential sales. Students will learn to identify which property characteristics a licensee must know in order to properly estimate its market value. Additionally, a detailed discussion will take place about which properties can be comparables and how much adjustment to make based on the differences between the subject property and the comparables used. Take this course and never wonder again how to figure out what a residential property is worth.

Disclaimer: This course is not designed to make the student an appraiser. Any mention of appraisal and appraiser is solely for the purpose of instruction. This course does discuss the methodology a licensed fee appraiser uses in their analysis. Such approved methods should be the foundation of any market analysis and broker price opinion done by a real estate licensee. Real estate licensees should never refer to their work as an appraisal or appraising.